Stop by Our Recycling Center in Texarkana, AR

To get cash for your scrap metal today

Want to sell your scrap metal? Ray's Recycle Inc. is a recycling center in Texarkana, AR that specializes in metal recycling services. We'll provide you with a convenient scrap metal recycling process that turns your scraps into cash. The types of metals we accept include copper, aluminum, brass and steel.

When you pull into our shop, we'll help you unload your car and turn your scrap metal into cash quickly. You can trust us because we're a family-oriented company that values every customer. Contact us at 870-772-6952 to learn more about our recycling center today.

Everybody wins with metal recycling

Of course, you can earn cash by turning in your metal scraps to our center. But why else should you recycle metal? Consider metal recycling because:

It reduces greenhouse emissions
It slows down the growth of landfills
It helps conserve natural resources
It can create more jobs in the US

You should recycle metals because it benefits everyone involved. It's better for people, the environment and the economy. Visit us today to help make a difference in the world.

Choose our recycling center

You should go with our recycling center because:

We have competitive prices
We'll price-match other recycling centers
We have over two decades of experience
We accept a wide variety of metals

You'll appreciate our timely service and how easily accessible we are. Our pricing is subject to change based on the market.